And Keep Your Hands in the Air

An email from Jordan McKenzie, live artist and interventionist:
frieze.jpgWell well well…it should have come as no surprise really but thought I should update you about my performance at Frieze. I have never had any trouble in terms of security at Primark, Big Brother, Northern Rock etc but at Frieze, an event that purports to bring cutting edge culture and art to London I was escorted from not only the ticket office but also Regents Park for queuing in an inappropriate manner! I managed 1 hour and 57 minutes before I was approached by two security guards who asked me why I was there. I replied that I was here to queue and they then asked me if I intended to buy a ticket. I replied that I was not really interested in the art and was just here to experience the queue. They then asked me if I was making a piece of art and I replied that I was not and that I just liked standing in queues and was not aware that I was causing any problems by doing this given that this was a designated area for queuing in. They then said that it was only a queue for people intending to buy a ticket and I asked them where in the ticket office it explicitly stated this. They seemed to have no answer for this and so I said that surely I was free to queue in an area that was designated as a queuing area. By this time other people were on their radios and I had obviously been labelled as a major queuing risk and a threat to the very fabric of the Frieze event judging by the way they were all running around and looking at me through the glass window. This happened in front of a perplexed audience of fellow queuers who were finding it hard to figure out why I could not stand in a queue and they could. After a rather circular, abstract and at times philosophical conversation about about what actually constituted a legitimate¬†queuing action he finally threw his hands up in the air and said that he was not prepared to discuss this any further and that he and his chum were going to escort me off the premises.
Policed space…I should coco


Strength Weekly looks in upon itself and affects surprise at the uncharacteristically long interval between this notelet and the previous essay-length disquisition. The publisher notes, in this notelet, that he has been, throughout the months of March and April, reading 52 undergraduate dissertations, each one of which is 5000 words, give or take 10 per cent, in length. A quarter of a million words, readers. Is it any wonder?
bandball.jpgStrength Weekly will now reconnect with the blogarium, bringing its mix of puzzles, quizzes, well-formed sentences, apt snaps and joie de vivre back to the boil. Today I saw a tiny fox cub in the back garden. It was about this long, excepting the tail.

Lots: Episode 2

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lotscript.jpg One of the most moving images that Strength Weekly – in an admittedly inward moment – has published.
In Episode 3: what’s so interesting about all this anyway?

The Jingling

Strength Weekly wishes all its readers the warmest and most relaxing Christmas that their personal belief systems will accommodate. Two items must be shared at this special time: the first has given sublime pleasure to many throughout 2007 while the second has coarser charms.